About Us


Not so long ago, in order to be stylish, men with discriminating taste had to buy their shoes abroad due to the lack of local choices.

Fortunately, times have changed. Born in 1999, TRAFFIC emblazoned a path to transform men’s footwear by offering cool and stylish yet affordable merchandise.

With eight stores in the best malls around the Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, TRAFFIC has grown to become one of the retail industry’s most recognized names and will continue to stay ahead.


The Philippine retail industry has been thriving and mall culture becoming more refined the past few years. To bring fashionable footwear outside Metro Manila, TRAFFIC seeks to expand its retail presence in urban centres such as Cebu, Baguio and Davao. We believe there is much room for growth and abundant opportunities for expansion.


In TRAFFIC, you can find the perfect pair without breaking the bank. Its price point is below high end designer footwear whose prices nowadays go beyond expensive to highway robbery. TRAFFIC offers great selection of quality shoes at affordable prices due to direct sourcing channels and established international buying offices. Reduced shipping cost allow us to lower prices as well.

Compare to local competitors, we are priced slightly higher since we use genuine leather uppers and other best material available. We do not sell synthetic leather disguised as original leather. This is our ongoing commitment to our customers.


TRAFFIC is proud to be part of the Celine Group of Companies. The Celine brand is a Hall of Fame awardee by the Philippine Retailers Association ( fashion category medium size )

With a strong alliance among the best-selling  brands in the business ( Celine, CMG, So! Fab, Stacatto, the list goes on ), this solidifies TRAFFIC as a brand that endeavours to give shoppers what they are looking for.


Being different means not having to bump into someone who is wearing the same thing as you are. TRAFFIC aims to offer a choice of shoes different from the rest of the high street. We find inspiration from constant market research and travel. Ultimately providing customers with new stylish comfortable that will surely complete any look.